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How To Build a Strong Engineering Culture Trio Developers

Such collaborations make it easier for Google to implement ground-breaking innovations. Fellow’s tools allow you to create workspace-wide templates that can be used by everyone in your organization, regardless of their department or title. You can use the action items function to drive accountability across your team, assigning specific team members and due dates so you can track your progress in the most effective way possible. If you’re concerned that some meetings aren’t happening as regularly as they should be (like one-on-ones), you can always investigate by using the workspace analytics tool. Helping employees identify areas for growth and development, as well as provide guidance on how to achieve their career goals is essential for long-term success. Creating a supportive space for discussion can foster a team culture of open communication and feedback.

The goal here is to enable each squad to find creative and innovative ways of solving arising problems. This approach leads to more creative solutions and satisfied employees. Airbnb also encourages progress by helping engineers build their profiles outside of the company.

Seamless processes

In a recent study from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, executives said corporate culture drives profitability, acquisition decisions and even whether employees behave in ethical ways. The sense of mission that motivates our Engineering team manifests, Linux for Network Engineers: Practical Linux with GNS3 Video for example, our extensive rollout requirements. A project is not considered for rollout until a comprehensive checklist is completed. The checklist informs things like service security, monitoring, costing, startup and shutdown, SLAs and more.

As you can see, one of those awards is for the Best Engineering Team. That’s not surprising when you consider how much thought is put into the hiring process and cultivating the company culture at RingCentral. The focus on efficient processes is a staple at Google, and it can be applied in any company. The examples of training resources, coding standardization, and nurturing blameless culture presented in this section are scalable to any company, be it one with 15 employees or one with 15,000. But, besides heavily investing in technical documentation and guides, Google also expects its engineers to follow the company’s core principles. The company also gives its engineers a lot of autonomy, both in work and in their professional development.

ways to foster a good engineering culture

Only then will they start to take risks and ultimately embrace more innovative ideas or to say important things like, “we can’t support this brittle code, let’s try to fix it or rewrite it”. This will help us ensure that we’re not building a codebase in which we’re unhappy. It helps us understand where frustrations are coming from and what the experience for developers is. The metrics and data give us an understanding of where we’re at and where we can improve. For example, a goal to improve X, Y, or Z, will then translate into the happiness of engineers. The idea of self-organizing teams is popular, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have leaders.

engineer culture

For example, the company needed a way to break engineers’ work into more manageable chunks and improve prioritization. That kind of thinking can inspire you to build a more constructive relationship with your engineers. Every process, tool, and document is there to serve the engineers—not the other way around. In other words, if an engineer makes a mistake, the company doesn’t blame them but the process. It’s imperative to fix the problem, not punish the person, as Sally Lait puts it. For example, engineers use a process of a blameless postmortem to document and examine mistakes.

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